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Autumn in Ireland

Autumn - one of the greatest times to own a camera. It is not just about the new places that you can visit to get some awesome colours in the vegetation, but you also have the chance to revisit places you have been to a hundred times to see them in a different light.
This place is called Glendalough (Ireland) and I have been here so so many times! But - never when the trees changed colours. In fact, when I arrived I barely recognised the place! The weather was dull, light rain in the air and just a few people (usually you have a bazillion tourists there) but nevertheless some great colours in the trees that cover the mountains around the valley. The only downside was that I had to clean my lens every 1.5 min to remove little drops, and changing the lens was not the greatest idea I had... This was the day before storm Ophelia hit Ireland, which explains the calm water.



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