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The Ruin in a City

When you see this place, where do you think it is?

I give you a second here....

You probably thought along the lines of a nature reserve or simply out in the countryside somewhere, right? Wrong. In the middle of Sorrento, Italy, there is a bridge. And when I say in the middle, I mean between the main Plaza and the train station! Now, this bridge goes right across this ruin! If I were to turn around, I would look at about 3 restaurants and the main road plus 24321 little shops that are in the city centre :D
I was more than just confused that this would just sit there. There is no way to reach it as well - and it is not maintained in any way, shape, or form.
Having said that, it is also kinda awesome to have such a ruin untouched in the city centre. Other places would have made a 20 Euro pp attraction out of this place - but not Sorrento. Good Show Guys!


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