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Recently, my buddy Shane and I went on a road trip through the south of Ireland for a long weekend. It has been a super long Saturday and an even longer Sunday – driving for 9h a day does come at a cost, especially when the car has to stop every 150m for us to grab the tripod and head into the land. Anyway, on the way back to Dublin on Sunday night, Shane suddenly stopped the car and jumped out as if he has seen the greatest motive of all times.

I realised what he saw when I looked down from the bridge where we stopped the car (!) – this castle, I am sure it is very famous, just stood there with a perfect reflection and an incredibly uniform sky. In my mind, I just saw this place with the milky way across, which is why this post and the image below exists.

I hope one day I will actually know the name of the place – I might even have been there before, but it was dark and I was trying not to be hit by passing cars, so I did not even try to figure it out in the moment.

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