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Londons Commander

Today it is time for some black and white action. While spending some days in London, I aimlessly wandered around to see what the city has to offer, photography wise. And I was not disappointed! When I saw this railway station, I right away thought about an image that is mirrored, with the man in the glass cubicle being some sort of operator. I did not have much time to stop, which is why I literally walked out on the road with heavy traffic, stopped it for a second and took my image. The drivers seemed not to mind to wait for a moment, something I am very thankful for. We all know how mad drivers can get every now and again, hehe.

Read more about the creation of this image over at http://letsimage.com/2017/04/create-a-mirror-effect-in-photoshop-london-operator-photoshop-tutorial.html


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