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One Great View With Ice Please

Get it? Ice.. On the Rocks... Top of the Rocks? No? Ok - the place where this picture has been taken from is the so-called Top of the Rocks, which is the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York.
When I planned the places I wanted to visit, I kinda had to make a choice. Rockefeller Centre or World Trade Centre? When the planning was complete, I realized that I can get the sunset behind the World Trade Centre if I climb the Rockefeller Centre... which sounds great, until you read that you have to pay 34 Dollar up and you can not use a tripod. Sad days, but missing the chance would have been worst.
So I rocked up there (no pun intended), found a spot - and then I became one of these super annoying tourists that just do not move for hours. I had a perfect spot, a perfect angle, a little pillar in front of me on which I could 'rest my tripod' (hehe) - so I behaved like I own this place. I stood there for about 3h until it was dark, but got the whole sunset and all the winds the world has to offer.
The inspiration for this particular version came ... from my phone. During the sunset, I took a picture with my iPhone to send it to people, but because I had a fingerprint on my lens, it came out all hazy... and I loved it! After this, I went for a stroll through the city... Good Times.


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