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The Forgotten Stairway

On a weekend trip through Utah, my buddy Luis and I have decided to visit a place called the Kanarra Creek Falls. We did hear that it is a pretty intense walk, where you will have to be prepared to get completely wet. Casting this aside, we went in normal street gear and begun a 1.5h walk through a forest. This forest path, however, was only the first step in a walk that would lead into a river. Having the waterfall in mind, we did not have any choice other than moving through this water (cold!) to reach the cave with the fall.

Once we arrived, it felt like being in another world. The red rocks enclosed us fully, and the magic waterfall which presented itself to us created a scene straight out of any fantasy book. On the right, there was a tree that had been rebuild to be some sort of rudimentary stairs to climb on top of the fall. A rope on the site was all that one could use to get some sort of security when climbing the slippery steps. Great when you carry a tripod, camera bag, and camera!

In the end, I managed not to through any of my equipment into the water – a fact I am still very proud of considering I climbed up that tree far too often to find the perfect spot for a picture.

For the full processing of this image, have a look over at http://letsimage.com/2016/12/how-to-use-photoshop-to-enhance-your-nature-images.html


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