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Bryce Canyons Guardian

Recently, I have spent some months in beautiful Utah, United States. Being there has been an awesome experience – there are so many national parks accumulated in this place that it can never get boring. A camera freak like myself has no other choice than to take the camera and get out of the house as often as possible.

One of my many stops was Bryce Canyon, a national park for lazy people. While, usually, one has to hike a lot to get to the nice elevated places in the national parks around there, this one offers an alternative. You can just sit in your car and drive around from one awesome spot to the next! And that is exactly what I did.

And then I found this tree. Look at this tree, its amazing!!!!

Read more about the creation of this image over at http://letsimage.com/2017/02/letsimage-edit-landscape-images-in-photoshop-beginner-tutorial.html

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