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London's Fire Dancer

Today’s image comes from London, where I had the pleasure of staying for an extended weekend just some days ago. London, like most large cities, is a great place to stay, especially for photography purposes. There is always something going on for those willing to search for it!

While I was walking through the city with some friends of mine, we ended up at a show from (what I call a) fire dancer. The man was incredible, and I spend a good 15 min there to observe his show. The finale was absolutely stunning – he spits fire into the air, but straight up! And he kept the flame up for several seconds, which impressed me even more. So while my friend Sasha recorded the whole thing with a GoPro (thanks for that Sasha!), I went into continues shooting mode on the camera and just held the shutter button, in the hope I get the moment. And so I did. I did pay him, of course!

Read more about the creation of this image here: http://letsimage.com/2017/04/how-to-use-photoshop-cc-fire-dancer-beginner-tutorial.html


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